On Being a Wife and a Mother

My journey to momhood began a few years after my husband and I got married. I enjoyed the years that we spent together as a couple and it paved way for our relationship to flourish. When we decided to have a baby after three years, it changed everything. It turned our world upside down in an exciting way!

We initially planned for me to work from home once the baby arrives but things changed. I applied in a different company before I found out that I was pregnant. I continued on and assumed the responsibility even though I wanted to take care of the baby. My husband and I did not have any nanny or any house help for more than a year. We took turns in taking care of the little peanut – he works in the morning and I work at night. We got exhausted. We enjoyed it, yes, but I guess it put a strain on our relationship because we’re always tired and the time that we have every weekend was spent sleeping. It was a tiring but joyful experience.

Early 2018, we decided to seek help from my parents. We both worked at night while they take care of the baby. We were able to somehow have some wiggle space but it still seems like there’s something inside me that wants to take responsibility in taking care of my child. It would also make my husband happy and I know it from my heart but I don’t just want to do it for him. I want to do it because I want to and it’s my heart’s desire.

Before 2018 ended, I finally got free from being a corporate mom! It was a tough transition but it’s all worth it. I had to juggle three jobs to prepare for my transition. (Details in my Freedom post). I’m glad I stood for what I think is right and I prioritized the things that I value the most because after that, blessings just flowed.

To those who are at a crossroads right now, I hope you’ll chose your heart’s desire. Don’t be afraid. Take courage. It’s going to be okay.

To moms who are struggling, I hope this blog could help ease up your burden and know that you are not alone. You have a mom-friend in me. ♥

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